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SaaS Online Auction Platform

Case Study

Client is a product that we have imagined, designed, developed and are now running for Montreal Auction house.

Challenge This auction house regularly sold  high-ticket items but was seeing an opportunity to sell lower ticket items in higher volumes to a crowd of people that don't typically enjoy the conventional auction format.
SolutionA software-as-a-service solution so they can exploit this opportunity without ever having to worry about hiring a tech team.


Jakibi begins in Montreal, Quebec with the owner of The Montreal Auction House (La Maison Des Encans). He approached HalfSerious with a concept: every month, collectors from far and wide would travel to the Island of Montreal to bid and acquire rare antiquities through live-auction. We’re talking about highly coveted art pieces, antiquity china, and first edition books. But what about those small high-quality items not worth the kilometers and the displacement? Sure, there are online auctions interfaces like eBay and Christie’s, but they lacked the pizzazz and excitement projected at the podium.




A 2-sided marketplace

For Sellers

A low friction access to the online auction market. A one-stop-shop to liquidate inventory generated by successions, moves and redesigns.

  • Novel online sales channel.
  • Jakibi also offers incremental monetization opportunities if the auctioneer plays a local partner role.
  • A managed sales channel as well as free exposure.

For Buyers

A playful and addictive platform filled with unique objects.

  • Steady stream of unique objects in categories that they care about.
  • The occasional undervalued “treasures” that they can resell through their channels.
  • Items from successions and sales priced to move fast.



Jakibi, suspense, auctions and excitement

on one platform. 

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