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From ideas to scalable software solutions.


Software is eating the world.

Software has the power to rewrite what's possible for your business.

Adopting off-the-shelf technologies can help streamline but developing your custom technology is the ultimate game changer. 

HalfSerious' mission is to allow any company launch and scale
Software-as-a-Service solution safely and predictably.

Let's get right to it

Are we a perfect match?

Finding an effective product design and development partner is crucial to shared success when launching your SaaS company. HalfSerious has been helping business leaders achieve a speed to market with product design, development, and ongoing monitoring solutions. You have come to the right place if you are looking to accomplish any of the following. 

Launch a new business
Launch a new business

Launch a new SaaS venture, tangential to your current one.

Make operations scalable
Make operations scalable

Get more done by reducing manual steps.

Offer A+ customer service
Offer A+ customer service Create new and better ways of serving customers.

We've got your back

HalfSerious is a strategic product design, development, and monitoring partner that can help you bring your successful SaaS business to life. Gain access to our team of experts and easily scale up the number of resources you need, from product design to ongoing monitoring.

3 Step Process

Lightbulb-1 Analysis (fixed cost)

Clearly define costs, scope
and roadmap.

Laptop-Phone_2x_1-1 Development Build the solution with a team of product development professionals. 
Scale_2x_1-1 StackRun™️ (subscription)

Entreprise level DevOps and
security at a fraction of the cost.

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HalfSerious is a culture-first company which translates into tangible benefits for our clients.

  • Stable teams made up of energized individuals. 
  • Our reputation as a great employer allows us to attract high caliber talent.
  • Teams develop an affinity with you and your business which makes the relationship feel more natural.