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Company About HalfSerious

We specialize in artificial intelligence implementation, strategic product design and software development.

Our Mission

We improve human experiences by accelerating your digital journey. Our expertise in AI and UX research enables us to develop customized solutions that address complex business challenges.

Leadership Team

  • Since 2011, Eric has led the company in creating transformative software. With a background at Electronic Arts and Mega Brands, he has managed iconic games and aligned commercial strategies with design innovations. Eric is celebrated for his kindness, visionary approach and relentless motivation.

    Eric Bourget


  • Julie transforms challenges into opportunities, always with a smile. For the past seven years, she has been a Communications & Marketing Manager in SMEs, developing multichannel action plans aligned with the company's goals. Creative and organized, she always finds innovative solutions. Plus, her ability to motivate teams is legendary!

    Julie Lefebvre

    Strategic Development Director

  • Philippe has over 30 years of experience in tech. Starting in programming in 1982, he founded GeekOClock and launched several innovative projects. An expert in software development, application security, cloud architecture, real-time microcontrollers, and AI, he has worked in prestigious organizations to optimize operations. Known for his sharp wit and humor, Philippe inspires his entire team.

    Philippe Chrétien


  • With natural leadership and an ability to motivate, Manuel inspires his team with a contagious positive attitude. His career journey includes progressing from a Developper full-stack to a Team Lead and ultimately a Director, demonstrating his versatility and commitment. The combination of his technical and interpersonal skills makes him highly respected among his peers.

    Manuel Menneveux

    Director of Engineering

  • Charles Nolin is a cornerstone at HalfSerious, serving as the Director of Product Design since January 2021. An inspiring and calm leader, he guides the team with wisdom, enabling informed decisions. His career includes roles at Soko and Ressac. Charles brings expertise and stability with his thoughtful approach and leadership.

    Charles Nolin

    Product Design Director

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We are serious and, above all, friendly. Let's connect!

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Annual Report

A Year of Innovation and Growth

Discover how HalfSerious has harnessed creativity and technology to drive success over the past year. Our annual report highlights key achievements, innovations, and strategic milestones that have propelled our partners and projects forward.

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The Back Story Behind HalfSerious

Eric Bourget's entrepreneurial journey began with roles as a Brand Manager at Mega Brands and a Franchise Leader at EA Mobile, where he cultivated a deep understanding of creativity and user engagement. With a robust background in both toy and video game industries, Eric saw an opportunity to infuse this innovative spirit into enterprise software.

Founded by Eric, HalfSerious embodies a unique blend of creativity and technical prowess. We transform traditionally conservative industries by applying playful, user-centric approaches to software solutions.

Culture Every day is

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A family vibe!

The best part of working at HS is definitely the team! The people are motivated, creative, thoughtful, and a real pleasure to work with!

Jade Designer

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