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Case study Casacom

Communications & PR Montreal, Canada

PR Agency: The AI Edge in PR

Casacom is a Canadian leader in public relations and integrated communications.

  • Product Design
  • Communication & Adoption
  • Business Intelligence
  • UX Research
  • AI

Analysis & Context

We collaborated with Casacom to identify their edge in digital transformation. This edge is materialized through a proof of concept, focusing on AI-powered strategic opportunities. The goal was to demonstrate how artificial intelligence can be leveraged to transform internal processes and enhance client engagement.

Transformation & Impact

Our approach followed these fundamental steps:

1. UX Research:

Conducted in-depth research to understand employees and clients needs and pain points. Through interviews, surveys, and analysis of existing user data we gained a comprehensive view of the challenges faced.

2. Adoption & Ambassadors:

We engaged key stakeholders from the beginning of the project to foster smooth adoption of the new technology. By identifying internal champions, we participated to a culture of enthusiasm and support around the digital transformation initiative.

Delivery of the journey map:
We mapped Casacom's current operations and paralleled the level of customer engagement throughout their experience. The aim was to identify areas requiring improvement and offering the greatest opportunity for innovation. This journey map served as a guide for aligning technological objectives with the company's strategic goals.

4. Opportunity Identification:

We pinpointed an opportunity to enhance client engagement through personalized digital experiences. Customer data analysis revealed specific segments where increased personalization could have a significant impact.


To address the identified needs, we proposed the following solutions:

  • AI-powered personalization:
    Using AI to tailor content and communications to each customer dynamically, based on their behaviors and preferences. This approach will enable Casacom to create highly personalized and relevant customer experiences.
  • Interactive customer file:
    Implementation of an interactive customer file system, enabling information to be viewed in real time. In the form of dashboards, the sheets offer employees unprecedented pro-activity and autonomy.
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