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Solution Otonomi: From Frustration to Innovation

Solutions Otonomi 

In the ever-evolving world of renewable energy, every innovative idea has the potential to be a catalyst for change. Meet Solutions Otonomi, a startup that has successfully transformed frustration into innovation while establishing a strong collaboration with us. 

From Frustration to Innovation 

Theo Germain and Floréal Villanova, the founders of Solutions Otonomi, were working in the photovoltaic industry when they noticed that solar installers spent most of their time design their customers' solar projects, making long and complex calculations by hand or using Excel files. 

The response to this frustration was the creation of Solutions Otonomi. Theo and Floréal recognized that solar installers were grappling with a set of challenges: increasing demand, a shortage of skilled labor, and the need to accelerate their digital transition. 

Simplifying the Complexity of Solar Energy 

One of the main complexities of the solar industry with storage lies in its technicality. Solar panels are just the tip of the iceberg. There are batteries, inverters, charge controllers, and a multitude of models and manufacturers. For professionals, navigating this landscape can be daunting. 

This is where Solutions Otonomi comes in. Their first solution, Otonomi PV, is a web application that simplifies and accelerates the process of calculating off-grid solar projects. It helps installers quickly address project requests from their clients. Whether cottages, RVs or boats. 

The team then developed Otonomi DX, a platform aimed at facilitating networking between installers and end clients who want a solar project. Through an intuitive form, this platform guides individuals in defining their solar projects, significantly reducing prospect pre-qualification time. This enables professionals to focus on the most serious customers. What's more, they have a dashboard enabling them to post their solar kits online and manage incoming requests from prospects. 

Our Fruitful Collaboration 

The meeting between Solutions Otonomi and HalfSerious marked a significant milestone in their journey. Working together on Phase 2 of Otonomi PV quickly revealed a shared vision between our two teams. 

What attracted Theo and Floréal was our collaborative approach. At HalfSerious, we are not just solution providers but committed partners. This flexibility facilitated a better understanding of the software development process and resulted in tangible outcomes. 

They appreciated the direct interaction with our designers and developers, making it easier to bring their vision to life. This proximity and transparency were key elements of our successful partnership. 

The Entrepreneurial Curveballs 

Every startup encounters unforeseen challenges, and Solutions Otonomi is no exception. The theft of their idea by another company could have been a setback, but Theo and Floréal quickly realized that constant innovation and agility were the keys to success. 

This experience strengthened their determination to evolve and continuously improve. They also realized that entrepreneurship is about surrounding oneself with the right people and seeking help when needed. 

Putting Humans at the Heart of Success 

The story of Solutions Otonomi is a living example of how innovation arises from frustration. It underscores the importance of networks, self-confidence, and agility in the entrepreneurial world. 

At HalfSerious, we take pride in contributing to this success story. Our collaboration with Solutions Otonomi demonstrates how we work hand in hand with our clients to create innovative solutions and overcome the challenges of the digital age.