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Invertising: When Internal Marketing Becomes Your Ally

Invertising: When Internal Marketing Is Your Ally

You might have encountered the term "invertising," but do you truly understand its implications?

Invertising, the fusion of "internal advertising," applies marketing techniques to internal communication. Rather than targeting external customers, it promotes ideas, culture, or, in our case, digital transformation projects to your employees.

Why incorporate marketing into your internal communication strategy?

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  1. Proactive Adoption: Invertising addresses skepticism among employees about the relevance of digital transformation. It anticipates objections and demonstrates how the change meets unrecognized needs by showcasing its utility.

  2. Personalization: With invertising, you can segment your internal audience based on their roles and attitudes toward transformation—identifying detractors and promoters. By tailoring your message to each group, especially addressing specific concerns of detractors and bolstering the enthusiasm of advocates, you ensure more targeted and effective communication.

  3. Enhanced Engagement: Dynamic, interactive channels in invertising capture employee attention, strengthening their commitment to digital transformation.

  4. Results Measurement: Tools and metrics used in marketing to measure campaign performance can be adapted to assess your internal communication's effectiveness. Based on your team's feedback, this lets you tweak your approach in real time.

    Tangible Benefits of Invertising


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  • Employee Retention: Effective communication strengthens the connection between employees and the company, reducing turnover.
  • Community Building: Banking on invertising not only boosts engagement but also promotes the development of a genuine community around the digital product. Having a solid community eases adoption because employees feel backed and integral to a collective movement, making the digital shift a collectively rewarding experience.

In Conclusion,

Incorporating invertising into your digital transformation strategy recognizes that success depends on people as much as technology. It views each employee as an internal customer to be persuaded and pleased, making them valuable project ambassadors among peers!


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