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EricNov 6, 2023 1:11:04 PM2 min read

Humanizing Digital Transformation

This year, HalfSerious was a sponsor at the Toronto OPEX event. If there's only one thing to retain, digital transformation is a people's game.

In the business world, we often discuss transformation as a separate entity, isolated from the company's day-to-day transformation. But let's get real—those tasked with driving transformation are often the same people responsible for keeping the business afloat.

Sounds like a juggling act? It is.

Performing while Transforming

One prominent theme from recent industry conferences is the desire for organizations to be ambitious about transformation. This ambition is palpable, with companies like Ledcor seeking to revolutionize critical aspects of their operations, particularly in procurement and the supply chain. Yet, they grapple with integrating these ambitious plans with existing legacy systems.

Crafting a narrative that resonates with techno-business professionals and key stakeholders becomes paramount.

Operate and Innovate

TD Bank's monumental scaled agile transformation, spanning over two years, serves as a testament to the significance of internal change management in pursuing digital transformation. This underscores the need for organizations to balance their day-to-day operations with transformative initiatives effectively. It's about more than just maintaining the status quo; it's about innovating while operating at peak efficiency.

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Excellence and Innovation

In the words of industry veteran Jose Pires, the interplay between "Excellence and Innovation" is a pivotal dynamic in successful transformation. It's not a matter of choosing one over the other, but rather, synergizing both elements to cultivate a resilient and forward-thinking organizational culture. This perspective aligns with the notion that transformation should be viewed as a journey of continuous improvement, blending the pursuit of excellence with a spirit of innovation.

How Do Experts Navigate This?


Prioritize and Communicate

In the realm of transformation, not all initiatives demand immediate attention. The experts we talked with think the key lies in discerning which endeavours align most closely with the organization's operational objectives. Plus, over-communicating the rationale behind these priorities ensures everyone is on the same page. This selective approach ensures that resources are allocated judiciously, focusing efforts where they are likely to yield the most significant impact.

Allocate Resources Wisely and Address People's Fears

All companies at the event insisted that balancing human and financial capital is paramount. Diverting resources towards transformational projects while still meeting operational necessities requires strategically allocating financial and human resources. For this shift to be accepted, it's crucial to know what people's fears may be and address them early and often. This delicate balancing act ensures that neither aspect of the business is neglected in pursuing progress.

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Measure, Adapt and Foster Participation

Keeping a vigilant eye on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for both operational and transformational endeavours is crucial. This vigilance allows for timely pivots and adjustments, ensuring the organization remains on course toward its transformational objectives. To truly drive the process, it's essential to address the mind, touch the heart, and get people to participate in the journey towards transformation.


In conclusion, the human element lies at the heart of transformation. It's the driving force behind organizations' ambitious strides, the delicate balance they strike, and their unwavering commitment. As we navigate the uncharted waters of digital transformation, let us remember that it's not merely a journey of technology—it's a journey of people, purpose, and progress.


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