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Culture Digital Transformation is less technical than you think

Eric Bourget
June 8, 2023
1 min. read

As a professional in digital transformation, it comes as no surprise to me to read McKinsey's research, which shows that between 70% and 80% of digital transformation initiatives fail.

I've been involved in failed initiatives and bear the scars of those experiences. Through these encounters, I have come to realize that technology is not the primary obstacle. While it can be complicated, we always manage to find solutions. The real challenge lies in dealing with human factors, which are much more complex.

The most successful digital transformation initiatives I have been fortunate to participate in have placed utmost importance on the people involved in the process. They have ensured that people feel like they were a vital part of the journey, which transformed potential detractors into allies.

We have built a structured co-design process that not only creates better solutions, but also generates energy and goodwill. By involving people from the outset and fostering a sense of belonging and value, we have created an environment conducive to transformation.

So, if you aspire to achieve success in your digital transformation initiative, start by evaluating how human-centered your approach is. Do people feel included and valued? Are you cultivating energy and goodwill?

Remember, successful digital transformation is not just about technology. It's about bringing people along for the journey. Involve them from the outset, listen to their ideas and concerns, and create a collective sense of ownership. Technology can undoubtedly be a powerful tool, but it is people who will truly make the difference in the success of your digital transformation. 

Éric, CEO

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