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Back to Basics: Frequent and Transparent Communication as the Core of Success

Setting out with the goal of transforming underwriting, our HalfSerious team has diligently been developing a user-friendly platform for precise evaluations. However, we quickly learned that our deep-seated expertise alone wasn't enough; neglecting effective client communication could undermine our hard work just as much as lacking expertise could. In this article, we'll share our journey, revealing the obstacles we met head-on and the smart strategies we designed to effectively communicate with our clients, thereby enhancing our overall success.

Rising to the challenge

In the initial stages of the project, we provided general updates to the client, inadvertently leaving them questioning the nature and value of our work. The absence of detailed descriptions hindered their understanding of the scope and volume of our deliveries, despite user satisfaction. And to top it off, we missed out on technical explanations due to limited consultation with the development team. 

Realizing the importance of addressing these obstacles head-on, our team demonstrated remarkable flexibility and openness to explore new ways of working. We engaged in thorough discussions and held brainstorming sessions to tap into our collective intelligence. The leadership team provided guidance and support during this crucial phase. It was through these efforts that we fully embraced the challenge and transformed it into an opportunity for growth and innovation.

Cracking the communication code

Efficient communication is the lifeblood of any successful project, and we recognized the need to streamline interactions with the client's team. To tackle this, we adopted a proactive approach. Before scheduling meetings, we conducted brainstorming exercises to assemble the dream team for each session. We even brought our solutions architect on board the weekly updates meeting, creating a technical report with value-packed insights.

The power of one team

Teamwork makes the dream work, and we were determined to prove it! To break down barriers, we unleashed our secret weapon: transparency. No more back channels or hidden discussions. We wanted stakeholders to see the magic happening before their eyes. The result? Our collaboration soared to new heights, shining a spotlight on our progress and ensuring we left no detail in the shadows.

Lessons for the future: redundant communication is better than no communication

Our journey with this project has imparted valuable lessons that will guide us in future endeavours. We recognized the importance of conveying information to stakeholders who may not be involved in the project on a daily basis. It is crucial for them to understand the business value gained and the distribution of their budget, without getting bogged down in technical details. We also learned that redundant communication is far more beneficial than no communication at all. By transitioning from backchannels to shared channels on Slack, we enhanced visibility and ensured that all stakeholders were kept informed. Additionally, the experience led us to develop RACI, a tailored team structure with defined roles and responsibilities, ensuring that the right people are informed about the right things.