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GelseySep 26, 2022 3:46:12 PM

3 easy ways to implement automation at the law office

What if you could grant the gift of time to your employees while simultaneously earning more in revenue?

It’s a common plight for many lawyers: there is never enough time. Even the most experienced attorneys are trapped by towering tasks and endless to-do lists, resulting in missed deadlines and unsatisfied clients.

So as a legal business owner, how can you address these issues head-on? The answer is through technology and automation, or as the cool kids call it, digital transformation.

A report by Clio, a legal software, reported that solo law firms using technology and CRM solutions collected $52,507 more in revenue than other solo firms. 

In the same vein, data gathered in a 2020 survey by Wolters Kluwer, 62% of technology leading firms are significantly more likely to report higher profitability than technologically transitioning or trailing firms. 

But why this profitability discrepancy? Simply put: today’s legal clients expect more than just legal advice from their attorneys. In the same 2020 survey, 79% of legal clients say efficiency and productivity are vital.

The data doesn’t lie: technology-leading firms are significantly performing and profiting more than their competitors who refuse to innovate. 

But if you’re still just dating the idea of legal digital transformation, here are a few easy but yet effective ways you can implement law office automation: 

  •  Facilitate client intake 

Collect client and case info with ease. Share a secure document that they can 

fill in virtually from their end, and use AI to populate the necessary documents

and briefs with the relevant information. While this step can be easily 

overlooked and taken for granted, don’t forget that this is the client’s first 

direct touch point with your law firm so it should be as seamless and efficient 

as possible.

➡️ Suggestion: Clio Grow

  • Automate legal documentation

Robots are not here to take your jobs, but they are here to help you draft your documents. Robotic document drafting tools allow you to create accurate and compliant documents in a fraction of the time it takes to do them manually. 

➡️ Suggestion: Avokkado

  • Keep your clients in the loop

Use tech and automation to update your clients on the status of their case. Evidently, this process wouldn’t replace the empathetic and timely personal service that’s expected as a client. But in some cases, the quick response enabled by automation can be the empathetic one because it’s what the client wants to know. 

➡️  Suggestion: We don't have a particular suggestion for a client communication channel, but just be sure it's safe, encrypted, and password protected

  • Build a custom legal software solution

Your firm is unique, so why not build a custom software solution that fits your business' specific needs? Whether you're seeking to improve an aspect of your legal process or want to build a tool that will integrate your existing systems, custom software is worth looking into.

Whether you’re the legal business owner of small or large firm, or the head of a legal department, now is the time to commit to be a technology enabled firm. Consult a trusted and proven custom software partner to automate these repetitive and low-threshold tasks so that your attorneys are freed up for more complex work where they can add value. 

Looking to start the conversation of digital transformation, but not sure where to start? Read: How to take your firm from tech-fearing to tech-enabled

Updated: November 1, 2022



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