What does it mean to be half serious?

Each member of the team is an essential fibre of the fabric that makes up HalfSerious. Whether you decide to join us in our studio in St-Henri or work from home, you can expect to collaborate with an experienced and talented group of individuals who aren’t afraid to geek out on what excites them.

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But don’t take our word for it. Hear from members of our team.

Gelsey, Copywriter & Production Assistant

“Although we’re a technology company, it’s important to me to put people first and technology second”

Gelsey will be the first to tell you that she is the least technical person at HalfSerious. She may not be a developer or a UI designer, but in her time with us, she has worn many hats. One day you may find her writing an eBook for a campaign strategy, the next she’s working behind the help desk answering people’s technologies queries, and other days she’s hosting a trivia night at the office. Gelsey is our very own Swiss Army knife!

Michael, Front-End Developer

“Everything I’ve learned in my profession has grown in tandem with the app”

If you thought all developers hid behind their screens, then you haven’t met Michael. When he isn’t coding, he is front and center chatting and consulting with clients. Having worked on our sister company Obii pretty much since conception, he’s grown in tandem with the app. From on-boarding our very first client to building our content management system, there’s nothing Michael can’t do as long as he is adequately caffeinated. Did we mention that he’s also our resident cold-brewer?

The PopSerious Culture

Phil, Full-Stack Developer

“The most full-stack guy you’ve ever met”

Phil is our CTO and architect. Although he has his hands in every major project, he still finds the time to mentor our junior developers. If you ever come to visit our office in St-Henri, you can geek out with Phil in his workshop where he builds his Fibonnaci clocks.

Clara, Art Director
To say that Clara is just an art director is an understatement. Everything that you
see, touch, smell, experience within HalfSerious is purposefully and mindfully
thought out by none other than this rocket. Don’t believe us? Check out this tour of
our office. You’re bound to see that infamous “Clara touch” in action.

“I love to take bits & pieces and build a beautiful Frankenstein.”

Gelsey Latonio, Copy Writer & Prod. Asst.

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