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03 – Élan M. Sudberg

October 2020, 8

Élan is the CEO of Alkemist Labs based in Grove, California. His "big little lab" is the leader in botanical plant testing. Serving botanical suppliers and dietary supplement facturers, as Élan puts it, they're the David in this Goliath industry. While other labs may sacrifice the integrity of their work for a quick profit, Alkemist Labs will hold you accountable that your products meet your label claims. Cheap testing? We don't know her.

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Show Notes


Sudberg on being on the higher price point & preserving the integrity of his industry


On Alkemist Labs being one of the most expensive, but thorough and quality labs


What makes Alkemist Labs the finest and highest quality lab in the game


Elan on niche-ing up and retaining the integrity of his "biggest little lab" in the name of user experience and product integrity

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