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01 – Dan White

October 2020, 8

Dan White is the founder and CEO at Filament Games. His company develops games for "any platform, any age, in any subject". Once Dan talked a bit about his workout space and what I deem to be the best lockdown outfit I've ever seen, we discussed his interest in robotics and how that led to his current goal of creating "non-sucky" learning games. He also gives his own two cents on what the eLearning market is doing really well...and what could be immensely improved.

Dan wins the best lockdown outfit by far

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Show Notes


What's different 14 years later when thinking about in starting a tech business.


How they found and client and ONLY THEN started working on a solution


Making a good game that is also a good learning experience is pretty damn complicated and risky.


"Most eLearning experience is pretty bad".. "the interactivity is lacking"

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