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SaaS Auction Platform

Case Study 

Client is a product that we have imagined, designed, developed and are now running for Montreal Auction house.

Challenge This auction house regularly sold  high-ticket items but was seeing an opportunity to sell lower ticket items in higher volumes to a crowd of people that don't typically enjoy the conventional auction format.
Solution A software-as-a-service solution so they can exploit this opportunity without ever having to worry about hiring a tech team and enjoy other SaaS benefits. 


Jakibi begins in Montreal, Quebec with the owner of The Montreal Auction House (La Maison Des Encans). He approached HalfSerious with a concept: every month, collectors from far and wide would travel to the Island of Montreal to bid and acquire rare antiquities through a live auction. We’re talking about highly coveted art pieces, antiquity china, and first edition books. But what about those small high-quality items not worth the kilometres and the displacement? Sure, there are interfaces like eBay and Christie’s, but they lacked the pizzazz and excitement projected at the podium. The idea of working on a SaaS launch strategy then came naturally. 




A 2-sided marketplace

For Sellers

A low friction access to the online auction market. A one-stop-shop to liquidate inventory generated by successions, moves and redesigns.

  • Novel online sales channel.
  • Jakibi also offers incremental monetization opportunities if the auctioneer plays a local partner role.
  • A managed sales channel as well as free exposure.

For Buyers

A playful and addictive platform filled with unique objects.

  • Steady stream of unique objects in categories that they care about.
  • The occasional undervalued “treasures” that they can resell through their channels.
  • Items from successions and sales priced to move fast.



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