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Contract & Payment Management

Case Study

ClientCanada’s biggest influencer management agency which facilitates the relationship between brands and creators with their team of talent managers.
ChallengeMicro-influencers account for 60% of the market, but their average deal size is small, making it difficult to represent them profitably.
SolutionKickflo automates processes around contract negotiation and payments. This removes the need for a talent manager and helps both brands and influencers do business safely and efficiently at scale.


Micro-influencers often work with less established brands. This creates concerns for getting paid for the work done. Not getting paid, getting paid late or with the incorrect amount is a constant issue. Most micro-influencers will work without a formal contract. This leaves them open to issues related to how much brands can use the influencer’s image and content. Receiving a PDF contract written in legalese is awkward, stressful and potentially dangerous.

Influencers will get multiple requests from a flurry of different channels: emails, DMs, and Influencers' platforms, it gets real confusing real fast. Since the deliverables are different for each, executing the project is also a messy affair with micro-influencers working way too hard to respect the agreed parameters.



Designed to put creators in control.

  • Automated contracts
  • Ganranteed payment
  • Dispute management
  • Centralized communications 
  • Payment processing 

Together, we will forever change the way

micro-influencers and brands work together.

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