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EricJul 11, 2022 2:46:40 PM

How to recognize a great innovation team


Innovation projects are on the radar of most companies, but it can be difficult to choose when looking for a partner to help you with your digital transformation when you have no technical expertise. 

Here are the factors to consider when analyzing this matter and deciding whether or not you should jump in and consider building your own software solution.

  • The ubiquity of cloud computing makes it easier to decentralize work.
  • The collapse of the cost of cloud computing means that smaller competitors can spin up quality products quicker; putting pressure on the incumbents to move with more speed.
  • Recent advances in the design process (DesignOps) have created a lot of efficiency in how designers and developers explore, prove and develop innovative products. 

Then there is the issue of the team. With today's job market, building a team of tech professionals can be extremely difficult. It can be very beneficial to look to an external team. 

Simply said, finding a good innovation partner means that your new vision is getting quality attention.

Innovation team members possess at least these two things:

  • A non-business team with Business acumen. The team needs to be able to understand what role the new product will play in improving the current business model or in launching a new one. 
  • A design framework based on Empathy. The success of the product will largely depend on its adoption by various stakeholders. The team needs to become familiar with the important personas through research and empathy.

Full talent integration. Business, design and technology concepts all need to exist within the team and flow freely from one member to another.

Looking for the perfect innovation team for your project?
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